Infusion Center

Our infusion center at Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy is a welcomed alternative to a busy hospital. Whether the need is a “wellness recharge” or treatment of a chronic condition, our relaxed atmosphere allows you the opportunity to receive treatment by a licensed medical professional in a quiet, convenient location.


Convenient Location

We are centrally located in North Arlington between Dallas and Fort Worth for your convenience. Located just minutes away from DFW Airport, AT&T Stadium and the New Globe Life Field with easily accessible parking. 


Relaxed Atmosphere

By appointment, a licensed professional will administer your IV infusion therapy in our private, relaxed atmosphere.  Complimentary snacks and drinks, TV and wireless internet are always available.



Recent studies have shown that infusion therapy patients were able to avoid costly hospitalization and it was also discovered that patients recovered more quickly and had better outcomes when in a friendly, familiar environment.


Specialty Injections

When your medication requires continuous monitoring by a medical professional, our infusion center is available by appointment. Your infusion will be monitored from start to finish for your safety.



We offer a menu of wellness injections designed to keep you at your best. Detox, regain energy and enhance your inner being with wellness drips and injections such as B12, glutathione, biotin, amino acids and weight loss injections.


Lower Infection Rates

Patients receiving IV or injection therapies at an infusion center have lower incidences of infection when compared with those who receive treatment in a large institutional setting. This is especially true in patients with compromised immune systems.